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Second Thursday of the month:
District Committee Meeting
6:00pm, 1390 George Dieter Dr. Suite 140

Quarterly Per Year (4 Times per Year):
District Scout Roundtable
7:00pm, 1390 George Dieter Dr. Suite 140

What is Roundtable?

Each month scouters from the district meet together for the District Roundtable.  Why should you attend?

Roundtable is exactly what it implies - it really is an opportunity for scouters as a group to have an opportunity for an equal exchange of ideas.  Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders and interested parties meet together to discuss relevant issues in our troops and packs today.

There is a great deal of camaraderie developed at the meetings as there is an open exchange of ideas.  There is a designated leader as the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts often separate but usually the leader serves as a facilitator for the attendees to share their ideas while  guiding the group through the material.

Exclusive handouts available only at the roundtable are passed out.  The Cub Scout portion often has a variety of craft ideas that are inexpensive and entertaining for the Cub Scouts.

Do you have questions about how to solve issues in your troop or pack? Roundtable is a perfect opportunity to get different ideas and feedback to take back home with you.

In addition to the back and forth openness at Roundtable there is an opportunity to have access to council information and assistance.  Also this is the perfect opportunity to have input on council and district events.

The BSA continues to update requirements and training to provide the best program for all Scouts.  Roundtable is the perfect opportunity to keep abreast of these changes and make sure your pack or troop is moving in the right direction.  This year the council will be transitioning to the Journey to Excellence program which will be reviewed at Roundtable with plenty of handouts, question and answer sessions and practical ideas in achieving the district and council goals.

All Scout leaders, committee members and parents are welcome to attend.  Some packs and troops have a schedule for den leaders and cub/scoutmasters to attend so that their unit is represented at each meeting.  It doesn’t need to be the same representative every time, all  are welcome.


Key 4

District Chair

Roman Payan




District Commissioner
Nathaniel Jones



Program Chair
Victor Pedraza


District Executive
Daniel Sigala


Training Chair
Laura Ramirez


OA Adviser
Morris Brown

Activities & Civic Service
Danny Molina

Marketing & Social Media
Rudy Garcia

Kerrie Heins


James Payne

Matt Berg

Nancy Tharp





Finance Chair

Cub Scout Day Camp
Laura Ramirez & Rose Telles

Advancement Chair
Sotero Ramirez

Eagle Chair
Sotero Ramirez

Pat Ramirez


Camping & Outdoors

Nominating Committee Chair

Roundtable Commissioner

Rudy Garcia

Cub Scout Roundtable
Nancy Tharp

Boy Scout Roundtable
Victor Pedraza



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