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Yucca Council Staff Directory

Mario Perez, Scout Executive & CEO                           
office: 915-772-2292 cell: 915-491-4473
email: mario.perez@scouting.org

Pamela Sherbon, Executive Assistant/Registrar       
office: 915-772-2292

email: pamela.sherbon@scouting.or

Kelly McMurphy, Assistant Scout Executive & COO    
office: 915-772-2292 
cell: 812-861-0644
email: kelly.mcmurphy@scouting.org

Pete Jimenez, Unidos Prosperamos Director                
office: 915-772-2292 cell: 915-479-1902
email: pedro.jimenez@scouting.org  

Daniel Sigala, Senior District Executive, Wapaha District     
office: 915-772-2292  cell: 915-504-9837
email: Daniel.Sigala@scouting.org

Pete Jimenez, District Executive, Mescalero District   
office: 915-772-2292 cell: 915-479-1902
email: Pedro.Jimenez@scouting.org

Kelly McMurphy Interim DE, Geronimo,            
Sunshine, and White Sands Districts

office: 915-772-2292 
email: Kelly.McMurphy@scouting.org                                               

Russell Booth, District Executive, Polaris District               
office: 915-772-2292 cell: 915-449-4577
email: Russell.Booth@scouting.org

Rich Ortega, Development Director                                                
office: 915-772-2292 cell: 915-433-0662
email: ricardo.ortega@scouting.org

Briana Sanchez, Exploring Specialist                                
office: 915-772-2292
email: brianna.sanchez@scouting.org

Sal Montoya, Scouting Specialist                                    
office: 915-772-2292

Felix Arenas, Scouting Specialist                                   
office: 915-772-2292

Jesus Beltran, Scouting Specialist                                
office: 915-772-2292

Marco Hernandez, Scouting Specialist                              
office:  915-772-2292

Samantha Lujan, Administrative Assistant                              
office:  915-772-2292


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