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District Fund Developement Chairman (District Finance Chair): Austin Prosser & Chris Rodriguez

Major Tasks of the Fund Development Committee Chair and Members:

1. Report to the district chair for your district.

2. Ensure implementation of council finance policies.

3. Serve as a member of the council fund development committee, if so stated in the council bylaws.

4. Recruit and train a committee to support tasks provided by the council fund development committee.

5. Achieve the district’s share of council fund development campaigns.

6. Organize and carry out a successful Friends of Scouting annual campaign, and meet the goal by the targeted date.

7. Support the council “project selling” program.

8. Support the council endowment/major gifts development plan.

9. Support and cultivate a cooperative relationship with the local United Way.

10. Inform units of the unit fundraising policy and assist in the review and approval of unit requests.

11. Support district activities that involve income and expenses, ensuring proper policy and controls.

12. Provide recognition to donors, along with information on how their dollars helped serve youth.

Who Pays for Scouting?

Youth members, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and their parents pay their share. Youth members pay for uniforms, handbooks, personal equipment, camp fees, and their Scouting unit’s dues.

Chartered organizations provide meeting places and recruitment of volunteer leaders to work with their youth members. Unit money-earning projects help meet expenses for supplies and activities in the Scouting units. (The Boy Scouts of America grants unit charters to community organizations to use the Scouting program.)

Local councils are funded through a Friends of Scouting campaign, the United Way, endowment fund income, product sales, project sales, foundations, special events, capital campaigns, and bequests. Local councils use Scouting dollars to provide professional field service, volunteer training, councilwide activities, outdoor facilities, and a council service center.

The national organization is funded by membership registration fees, national service fees, and support of the Supply Group.  National Scouting dollars are used for program development, training programs, personnel administration, field service to councils, insurance, and benefit costs in support of local councils.

Friends of Scouting Campaign

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign is the most important finance responsibility of the district. Use the Friends of Scouting Resource Manual as a comprehensive resource for planning and carrying out a successful campaign. The manual provides tools for councils to insert their data for local use. It includes timetables, campaign personnel structures, giving levels, job descriptions, meeting agendas, sample brochures, and prospect cultivation tools.

This plan is based on the successful experiences of local councils.  It includes the following time-proven fundraising principles:

      • People can give only what they have, so a district must search for people with the ability to give.

      • People give more when they are involved, so look for people with an interest in Scouting.

      • Although some people give to organizations, most people give more if the right person asks them.







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