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What is the Lion Cub Pilot Program?

This is a Boy Scouts of America pilot being tested this year in Councils across the country, including ours.

The Lion Cub Program was developed by the BSA to provide kindergarten-age boys with a Scouting experience that is suitable to their age, skills and experience levels.  Kindergarten is a time where doors are opening – going to a school, perhaps getting on the bus, building strong foundations that will carry on through school careers.  It’s also a time where families are exploring options when it comes to engaging their children in the community.

With Lions, kindergartners and their families now can explore the basic concepts of Scouting and experience the fun in an age-appropriate format.  With a curriculum combining the best of Scouting and early childhood development, Dens of kindergarten boys will explore their creativity, their world and the community they live in through Den meetings and outings.  They’ll do so in a fun, active, highly engaged program with their parents.  When the school year is complete, Lions will step up to Tiger Cub Scouts and full engagement with their Packs as their Scouting careers take off!

The Lion Cub Program – launching in select Cub Scout Packs across the Yucca Council in Fall 2016!

The Lion Cub Program…

  • IS an introduction to Cub Scouts
  • IS for Kindergarten Boys only
  • IS a Family shared program
  • IS NOT a Sibling program
  • IS NOT designed for other age groups, they have their own program

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