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🦅 Need an Eagle Scout Rank extension? 🦅 


Start by completing the case for your extension; this is a brief letter outlining the reason for the extension. Additionally, the Eagle Scout Extension Form will need to be filled out. Lastly, if the youth will turn 18 or is already 18, fill out an adult application to get processed and complete YPT training which can be on my.scouting.org. These documents need to be submitted to Jim Libbin, Tess English, and your District Executive. 


Documents to begin processing Eagle Scout Rank extensions request all summed up: 

-Case for Extension

-Eagle Scout Extension Form 

-If youth will turn or is already 18 years old:

      -Adult Application 

      -Youth Protection Training



Jim Libbin: jlibbin@nmsu.edu

Tess English: tess.english@scouting.org

Alex Marquez, Wapaha/Mescalero District Executive: alexis.marquez@scouting.org

Dayanna Huerta, White Sands District Executive: dayanna.huerta@scouting.org

Yoli Armendariz, Polaris District Executive: yarmendariz@scouting.org


You can also reference here, if you'd like more information:


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