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Yucca Council Camps

Located in Sunland Park, New Mexico, Camp Tyler Frances is the Yucca Council's premier location for Unit Events, Council Events, Day Camps, Urban Camping, Unit, District and Council Training and much more!

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Located in beautiful Cloudcroft, NM, Camp Dale Resler is an amazing escape to the great outdoors. CDR serves as a resources for our older Scouts participating in NYLT, OA activities, Unit, District and Council Trainings.  Located less than 2 hours from both El Paso and Las Cruces, CDR is the perfect place for weekend camp outs for all ages!

Yucca Council Office:
Office:  915-772-2292
Email:  sarah.davis@scouting.org

Rental Procedures

Our Camps are for use by all Scouting Units registered in the Yucca Council to help enhance the Scouting program and get kids outdoors!  

  1. Click HERE to make your reservation! You can also use the links above, just click on which camp you want to reserve.

  2. All Reservations must be made 30 days in advance.

  3. You must fill out Health forms A and B for all leaders, adults, siblings, and youth. A complete roster must be turned in prior to camping.

  4. Yucca Council will contact the Campmaster team to schedule/approve the dates (This may take a few days)

  5. Yucca Council will contact the unit once the dates are approved.

  6. The unit leader in charge at camp needs to fill out a rental use form and pay all fees* 

  7. As of January 1,2024 Camp is not reserved until the deposit is paid. 

  8. For Camp Dale Resler (CDR), the unit leaders' information will be given to the Campmaster in charge for the weekend who will contact the unit for arrival/departure details.

  9. After completion of the activity, the campmaster will make an inspection of the camp and report back to the Council Service Center

  10. Upon completion of the exit Inspection any keys issued must be returned within 24 hours.   

  11. As of January, 1 2024, Camp Dale Resler and Camp Tyler Francis will incur a per person fee of $4.00 for the weekend. This fee only includes use of campgrounds and portable toilets.  Use of the Dining Facility, Lodge, or other structures onsite will incur additional facility fees.

  12. A minimum of two trained Campmasters must be on-site during scheduled camp outings and will check units in/out of camps.

  13. Unit leadership is responsible for contacting the Campmaster once one is assigned and must finalize arrangements 1 week and 24 hours prior to the scheduled camping dates. 

  14. Reservations will be canceled and fees refunded if no Campmasters are identified and available at least 1 week prior to the scheduled camping dates.

**There may be more reservations than what is shown please reserve through camp reservations for a more complete calendar

Camp Dale Resler Calendar

Camp Tyler Francis Calendar

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