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Start Your Adventure in Scouting

The iconic program of the Boy Scouts of America is open to both girls and boys in grades K-Age 20 across our 5 different programs designed for different adventures opportunities. 

The scouting programs within the Boy Scouts of America are year round programs that provide fun, adventure, learning, challenge, and respinsibility for their youth members to become the best versions of themselves. Our youth members will go places, test themselves, and have one of the kind adventures.

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Are you ready to meet with our local units to see which unit is best for your new scout and family? We have a website that allows you to search by program (ages/grades) and get contact information for the units local to you!

Found a unit that you and your scout loves? You can fill out your youth application and pay the National Fees at the BeAScout website or on paper through your unit leader or with one of our friendly and helpful staff at the Yucca Council Scout Office. You may also fill our your adult application and National Fees through your unit leader after completing the mandatory Youth Protection Training or our staff at the Scout Office.
Any unit fees will need to be arranged with the unit leaders.

7601 Lockheed Drive, 

El Paso, TX 79925

Tel: 915-772-2292

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: 10am-2pm

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Membership Tool Kits


Still Have Questions?

  • How much does Scouting cost?
    As of August 1, 2021 the annual fee will be $72 for most programs for youth members. Any new youth member will also be charged a $25 application fee. In addition, there are one-time uniform costs and nominal activity fees that may be charged by your local unit/council. Of course, these costs may be offset by unit fundraising and other available scholarship funds. Please contact your local unit leadership for details. When compared to the cost of sports and many other activities, there is no doubt that Scouting delivers great value to its members!
  • When and how often do Scouts meet?
    Meeting times and locations vary. Typically, though, units meet weekly or bi-weekly during the school year and less frequently during the summer. Each individual unit will work to set a meeting location and schedule that is convenient for its members. With a number of units meeting in most neighborhoods, there is sure to be an option that fits within your family’s schedule.
  • Can special needs children get involved with Scouting?
    Absolutely! Scouting seeks to provide the positive outcomes of character development and leadership skills for all eligible youth. Since its founding in 1910, the BSA has guided young men and women of all abilities down their path to success. Based on the individual needs and circumstances involved, unit leadership will work with a child’s parents to ensure a challenging and rewarding Scouting experience. Yucca Council has a committee that is dedicated to helping units and families adapt and support any disability. Please contact your unit leadership or council staff for more information on our Disabilities Awareness Committee.
  • How do I get more information about Scouting?
    Although there are many resources available to find more information about Scouting, the best is a direct connection with your local unit leadership! From meeting times, to planned activities, they’ll provide answers to all of your Scouting questions.
  • How do I sign up to be a volunteer?
    Thank you for your interest in volunteering! There is nothing more rewarding than helping young people take their first steps down the path to success. It’s easy to get started! You will first need to complete our Youth Protection Training, can be done online or through one of our trainings. After the training you may complete an adult application and background check form and submit it, along with the $45 annual registration fee, to your unit’s leadership. They will guide you step-by-step through the process.
  • How do I sign up my child for Scouting?
    You’ve made a great choice to explore the fun and adventure of Scouting! To get started, simply complete a youth application and submit it, along with the annual registration fee and application fee, to your unit’s leadership. They will guide you step-by-step through the process. Haven’t yet found a unit, or need contact information? Call Yucca Council at 915-772-2292 or visit our office at 7601 Lockheed Dr., El Paso, TX 79925.
  • Do I have to wait until I get a paper 'recharter packet' from a District Executive to start an internet recharter?
    No. And there is no packet anymore. No thumb drive either, so don't wait. You have everything you need here, and if you forgot your Internet Recharter code, you can get it if you email your District Executive.
  • OK, great let me get the Recharter Code right now, and download my Roster right away so that I can get started. Is that the best way to start?"
    No. You'll be better off if you follow the Checklist process, and make sure that all of your Youth and Adult Applications "in-process" this fall has hit your roster in https://my.scouting.org/ that will make it so much easier for you. While that happens, you can work on other steps, like finding out who will stay with you into the next calendar year and collecting the necessary registration fees.
  • I have current leaders who are changing positions, and I was told they have to complete a new application for a position change. Really?"
    No! At charter renewal time, in the internet recharter portion, you can re-assign every registered adult already in your Unit like musical chairs. You just must follow the instructions at the right step.
  • Don't we also need to submit JTE forms?
    Not for Charter Renewal. JTE is nice and we encourage all Units to be on a positive journey to excellence in Scouting, but let's be kind and not hold up recharter.
  • Do Siblings need their own Boy's Life Subscription for the Unit to earn the 100% Boy's Life Ribbon? Families want to just get one per household.
    The “100% Boys Life” Award is for units with “at least one subscription per Scouting family”. So siblings do not need their own subscription.
  • I completed Internet Recharter, and I hit "submit" and so I'm done, right?"
    No. Doing the Internet Recharter work is essential, but it is not the end. You still need to assemble and deliver "The Total Recharter Package" listed at the top of this page. When you have those, contact your District Executive.
  • How do I update our unit’s BeAScout pin?
    Updating your BeAScout.org pin is simple, and it’s a good way to make sure your information is current — that it doesn’t list last year’s Cubmaster or meeting time, for example. Access to update your pin is available to all unit leaders, including committee members in a unit. To update your pin: 1. Go to My.Scouting.org 2. In the drop-down menu, go to Legacy Web Tools and select BeAScout. 3. Choose “unit” (rather than council) under “Unit Pin Mode” to update the pin with your contact info. 4. Be sure to set pin status to “active.” If they want the “Apply Now” button on the pin, set “Apply Status” to “active.” 5. Note that it may take a few hours, or up to overnight, for the updated information to show up. 6. For Cub Scout packs: You’ll also want to go to Organization Manager and identify your pack’s gender: all-boy, all-girl or a mix of all-boy dens and all-girl dens. Under Organization Manager, find the settings tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. The default is Boys Dens, but you can change that. Be sure to enter an effective date or it will not update the pin.
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