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Serving East El Paso

District Key 3
District Chair: Danny Molina 
District Commissioner:  Laura Ramirez
District Director:  Alex Marquez 

Roundtable: First Wednesday of the month
@ 7:00p For Updates please go to: https://www.facebook.com/YuccaRoundtable

District Committee: Second Thursday of the month @ 6:00p

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What we do


The scout oath says that a scout will do his “duty to honor God and my country”, what best way to do this that to serve the community.

We want scouts to learn the importance of service and to be ready for the future.

Here are ideas of community service projects the units have done and what you can do with your units.


Ask a Scout why he joined scouting, 90% of the time they will say because we go camping.
Camping is a big part of scouting, and we want to promote it safely. We will add campsites that are kid tested Scouting approved.


Scouting is a lot of fun. We have great activities that involve discipline, learning and of course fun.
Some are our yearly Pinewood Derby races, the Klondike, Night at the Chihuahuas, and many more.

Join us in the fun with learning experiences for both the youth and the adults.

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