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At Yucca Council, we've had an incredible journey of adventures and community involvement. From our heartwarming participation in Scouting for Food, where our scouts rallied together to make a significant impact on local families in need, to our thrilling Pinewood Derby at Bassett Center, where creativity and speed collided on the racetrack, each event has been a testament to our scouts' dedication and enthusiasm. We've honored our nation's heroes with solemn reverence at Fort Bliss Cemetery on Memorial Day and enjoyed exciting outings like cheering on the Chihuahuas at University Park. Our scouts have also bonded over fishing days at Ascarate Lake with the Ascarate Fishing Club, learning new skills and making memories in the great outdoors. These events not only enhance scouting skills but also foster lifelong friendships and a deep sense of community spirit among our members. For more upcoming events, check out our calendar and register today to join in on the fun and adventure!

❄️ BSA Troop Klondike Adventure: A Frosty Fun Day! ❄️

Our scouts braved the cold and conquered the snow in an epic day of sled races and winter challenges! With hand-crafted sleds zooming down icy tracks and snow shelters popping up faster than you can say "brrr," it was a frosty adventure filled with teamwork, laughter, and plenty of hot cocoa. Check out the highlights and see how our scouts became true Arctic adventurers!

bs klo.jpg

❄️ Cub Klondike Sled Race at White Sands National Park: An Epic Adventure! ❄️

Our Cub Scouts had a blast racing their sleds down the stunning white dunes of White Sands National Park! The Cub Klondike Sled Race was a thrilling competition filled with excitement, teamwork, and frosty fun. Scouts zoomed down the shimmering slopes, braving the desert's snowy challenge and creating unforgettable memories. It was an epic adventure that showcased the spirit and determination of our young adventurers!

🥫 Scouting for Food: A Heartwarming Success! 🥫

Our scouts rallied together for Scouting for Food, collecting an impressive amount of donations to help those in need. Through their dedication and hard work, they made a significant impact on our community, showcasing the true spirit of scouting. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this heartwarming success!

🎓 Merit Badge University at Western Tech University! 🎓

Our scouts recently gathered at Western Tech University for an incredible day of learning and achievement at Merit Badge University. Scouts explored new skills, earned badges, and enjoyed a unique educational experience on campus. It was a fantastic opportunity for growth and discovery!

🏁 Pinewood Derby at Bassett Center: A High-Speed Success! 🏁


Our scouts put their creativity and craftsmanship to the test at the Pinewood Derby held at Bassett Center! The event was filled with excitement as beautifully designed cars raced down the track, cheered on by enthusiastic families and friends. It was a thrilling day of friendly competition, teamwork, and unforgettable fun!

⚾ Scouts at the Chihuahuas Game in University Park! ⚾

Our scouts had an unforgettable time at the Chihuahuas game in El Paso's University Park! They enjoyed an exciting day of baseball, cheering on the home team, and bonding with fellow scouts. It was a fantastic outing filled with fun, camaraderie, and great memories!

 Honoring Heroes: Scouts at Fort Bliss Cemetery for Memorial Day

Our scouts honored fallen heroes by placing flags on graves at Fort Bliss Cemetery for Memorial Day. With respect and gratitude, they paid tribute to those who served our nation, reflecting the true spirit of scouting and patriotism. It was a meaningful and solemn event that left a lasting impact on all who participated.


🎣 Reeling in Fun: Scouts' Fishing Day at Ascarate Lake! 🐟

Our scouts cast their lines and hooked onto a fin-tastic adventure at Ascarate Lake with the Ascarate Fishing Club! They baited up, tackled new skills, and reeled in memories that will last a lifetime. It was a reel-y great day of fishing, laughter, and scouting spirit! Here's to more adventures hooking the big ones together!

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